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Ringle's Approach

The best-in-class
learning platform

Searchable Tutor Profiles
View detailed profiles of 1000+ tutors
Search by tutor's major, experience, career
Set notifications for your favorite tutors
Ringle Auto Matching
We'll match you to the best tutor available
Flexible Booking
Book as many or as little lessons as you like
Pick a time that works for you
Flexible cancellations

Lesson Materials
Search by topic or difficulty
Read on Ringle mobile app or PC
Download audiobook in MP3
Discussion Questions
Choose questions of desired difficulty level
Prep responses in advance
Request proofreading on written response
Upload Your Own Materials
Upload resume, presentation, articles, etc.
Upload in PDF, DOC, or PPT
Security system protects confidential info

Customizable Lesson Style
Discussion Focused vs Paraphrasing Focused
Control discussion engagement
Main Area of Focus
Choose from 4 categories
Feedback provided based on your selection
Other Requests
Specify any other requests to your tutor
Further customize your lessons to fit learning objectives

Real-time corrections
View corrections, lesson materials, and tutor simultaneously
You can view correction notes after lessons
Translator & Dictionary
Translating tools available during lessons
1:1 Video conferencing
Lesson conducted via Zoom
Support team available real-time

Recording & Transcript
Audio-recording of your lesson
Conversation script of your lesson
Correction notes
Tutor Feedback
Estimated scores for English proficiency exams
Thorough evaluations on pronunciations, grammar, vocabulary and fluency
AI Analysis
Review speech pace, vocab range and filler words
Measure your performance against other Ringlers
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