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Nail your interview and get into your dream job or school

Speak to a tutor who has been at your place
Q. Can I prepare for an English interview with Ringle?
Sure thing! About 10-15% of our customers prepare for interviews with us, whether it is an interview for school admission, case interview for consultant positions, online interviews for getting an overseas job, and even negotiations for a promotion.

Our tutors have been there too - on a hot seat under a lot of pressure to nail every question thrown at them.

Since interviews can carry a lot of weight in shaping your near future, they deserve an intensive preparation and practice.
Here’s how you can leverage Ringle to make your next interview as successful as possible:
Upload your resume or CV as well as a description of the position you’re interviewing for and request a mock interview
You can bring your own set of expected questions or request a tutor with a relevant experience to ask questions instead
Ringle tutors will not only help you deliver your ideas clearly and effectively, but comment on how to craft a persona and tell a story unique to you
"I've taken about 180 lessons on Ringle over two years. I used Ringle to prepare for MBA admission interviews and application essays, then again to prepare for interviews to land a summer internship. And so here I am, at an MBA with a summer internship!"
- Seoyeong, NYU Stern


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