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Make the most of your time spent studying abroad

Excel in classes and remove barriers to make lifelong friends
Q. I am currently studying or have previously studied abroad. Will I find Ringle helpful?
Yes, of course! Whether it’s for a semester or for several years, studying abroad is a unique experience that combines culture and education, and to make the most of it often requires that you speak fluently the language of your destination.

And for those who have previously studied abroad and learned to speak the language fluently while there, you might want to continuously brush up on your language skills so as not to lose the fluency you earned.
In either case, Ringle is here to help:
Ringle tutors have attended top universities in the U.S. and in the U.K. and specialize in a wide variety of majors, so you can always find one that match your area of study
Ringle tutors provide detailed feedback on all scopes of English speaking, from small technical errors like articles and prepositions to crafting elegant sentences to communicate complex ideas
Ringle tutors can distinguish between academic English and casual English and offer tips appropriate for each situation
"Speaking English is linked to limitless amount of opportunities. It expands the circle of people I can network with by 10, 100, even 1,000 times and grows my network exponentially."
- Dahye, HBS Class of 2020


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