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If you have studied or lived
in an English-speaking country

If you are comfortable with speaking in English
and yet want to maintain your proficiency
and achieve even higher level





Do people who lived abroad for a long time take lessons with Ringle?

About 10-15% of Ringle customers have lived in the US or UK when they were young, graduated from a university in those countries, or have lived in an English-speaking country for more than 5 years.

Why would they take Ringle lessons when they already speak fluent English?

There are mainly 3 reasons.

  • 1) They have lived in the US or UK, but now have moved back to a non-English speaking country, and want to maintain their English proficiency.

  • 2) They are currently living in an English-speaking country, but want to prepare for important meetings or presentations with a Ringle tutor.

  • 3) They have lived in an English-speaking country as a child and speak fluent English, but feel the need to be more articulate when engaging in discussion, leading a time, or writing a business document. They want a native speaker to point out the smallest mistakes, so that they can speak English at a native level.

In what particular ways is Ringle helpful to them?

Even customers who have lived abroad for many years complement our tutors' exceptional writing skills.

Most Ringle tutors have attended top institutions in the US/UK and have received an intensive, writing-focused education. Our customers have submitted reviews stating that they found Ringle tutors to be very helpful when receiving edits.

Tutors can also detect and fix improper speaking habits which students have not previously noticed.

Also, semi-native speakers feel that there's room to improve when their tutors point out wrong use of articles or prepositions. Although they speak fluent English, they still make minor mistakes, which motivates them to take additional lessons.

They also agree that Ringle tutors paraphrase or reword their own sentences in a much more eloquent way, so they can learn how to use better sentence structures or phrases.

Therefore, they are able to achieve even higher level of English, as Ringle tutors teach them concise and articulate ways of expression.

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