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We know you're all busy people, which is why we provide all lesson materials for Ringle lessons.
Have discussions with global professionals on topics as varied as politics, fashion, business and sport.

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Our students work in an incredibly broad range of industries and academic fields, from Big Data to Fine Art.
They're hard-working, high-achieving and, most importantly, eager to learn.

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Since starting Ringle, I have developed a more vibrant and worldly perspective. Ringle continues to help me grow as a lifelong learner and I am thankful to be a part of this team!
Komal, University of Michigan
Not only is Ringle flexible, conforming easily to my busy grad-student schedule, but meeting with students truly brightens my day.
Isobel, New York University
Ringle is unique in being able to offer both a high return of investment and the flexibility required as a college student. All while being able to talk to industry leaders from the other side of the world!
Juan, Harvard University
I am so grateful to work for Ringle, where I not only get to meet the kindest students but also learn so much about their different career paths and backgrounds. It’s so fulfilling to have interesting conversations and truly enjoy my job as a tutor.
Tulsi, Yale University
Since starting Ringle, and as a Korean language learner, I've gained a much more worldly perspective from speaking to various professionals worldwide. I'm so honored and grateful to be a part of this wonderful team, and to continue expanding my horizons!
Sandi, Stanford University
I continue to be blown away by Ringle's students, who are passionate, curious and driven. Each lesson offers a glimpse into a unique part of the world, making teaching both fulfilling and intellectually exciting.
Ezra, Stanford University
Ringle has provided me the opportunity to work with and learn from other, like-minded individuals in healthcare. I believe I'll be a stronger future physician through the conversations I have with students on a daily basis.
Ryan, Alpert Medical School of Brown University
As a tutor, I have gained invaluable communication skills and understanding of the global perspective. As an ambassador, Ringle supported me in the development of my professional skills and experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunities Ringle has and continues to provide to their tutors.
Sophia, Yale University

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individuals who are passionate about
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