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Q. Can I have my Resume, Essays, and other documents edited with Ringle?
Of course! About 10-15% of our customers have editing focused lessons on documents of their choosing, be it a CV, resume, cover letter, essay for a class or for a grad school application, statement of purpose, research abstract, thesis, presentation scripts, blog posts, or even a particularly important email.
Ringle has three major advantages when it comes to editing:
Ringle tutors are excellent editors and writers who have developed effective communication skills at prestigious universities
Ringle tutors understand that each document serves a unique purpose and always edit holistically, prioritizing the content and messaging of your document above anything else. They might make your sentences more concise or more complex, more direct or more subtle, more humorous or more serious, all depending on what is more appropriate for your case
Ringle tutors vary in area of specialties from business & economics to English literature to engineering, and can cater your writing to carry the right terms and expressions specific to your sector
"I felt so lucky that I was able to meet with tutors that currently study in the schools I was applying to and have also written application essays for those schools."
- Sangyoon, HBS Class of 2020


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