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If you're currently working
or studying
in an English-speaking country

If you need to acquire
clear and eloquent English skills
because you have to use it everyday





Do people from countries other than Korea use Ringle?

25% of our customers are overseas residents.

"I moved to an English-speaking country, but I don't have that much opportunity to speak English. So my English level remains the same."
"Nobody corrects my mistakes, so I don't know if I'm using the right English."
"I work with other non-natives whose English is around my level, so I get the feeling that I'm learning wrong English."

Above are some of the concerns expressed by our customers who currently live abroad.

Even if they live in an English-speaking country, they don't get to speak or write in English as much as they want. Even when they talk to the locals in English, it's difficult for them to find mistakes and improve, so they take lessons with us.

How are Ringle tutors different from other native speakers around me?

Most Ringle tutors are from prestegious universities in the US/UK. They are different from other native speakers because they are able to provide constructive feedbacks and teach you how to convey critical thinking.

Not all native speakers demonstrate elocution. And sometimes your colleagues may not be native speakers.

You can have video conversations on various topics with the Ringle tutors. They will correct your mistakes and provide you with detailed comments on how to improve your English. Through such meticulous feedback, you'll quickly find yourself learning how to speak like your tutor: a native speaker with an advanced education. Ringle lessons will help you improve your vocabulary and proficiency.

A common problem faced by our customers is that their local friends don't point out mistakes, mostly because they don't want to cause hurt or offence.

However, Ringle tutors will offer you constant and honest advice in order to guide you along the learning process.

Can my Ringle tutor give me feedback on my business English?

Definitely! However, some tutors may lack expert level knowledge about your particular industry or company, and so may be unable to offer precise jargon or correction that is specific to certain fields.

Most tutors have significant work experience. As a result, they can help improve your business-focused writing abilities and review presentation scripts and emails.

For instance, some Ringle customers who work at multinational companies give mock presentations during their lessons when they have a big presentation coming up. Their tutors give comments on their presenting and proofread their reports.

They commented that Ringle lessons are helpful because their tutors explain to them how their expressions sound to a native speaker.

When non-native speakers work in an English-speaking environment, their colleauges tend to be lenient with their flawed English and do not correct their mistakes. However, Ringle tutors will point out their tutee's mistakes and explain the cultural context of an expression, so that their tutees can speak with more fluency and accuracy.

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