Our Mission
Our mission is to break down language barriers and allow talented individuals to exchange knowledge and help each other grow.
Ringle team aims to become the world’s number one EdTech company by creating a service that fosters true learning and growth through our selective tutors, contents and technology.
Core Values
We value GREAT people
Ringle runs on an effective, creative and powerful teamplay supported by individual responsibilities and initiatives.
We seek and share honest truths
We work efficiently to produce tangible results
Extra two-mile
We challenge ourselves to go further than our best
We put it on ourselves to bring work to the finish line
Team-Based Problem Solving
We commit to moving forward as a united team
We are a small team making a huge difference
We have folks in South Korea and in the U.S. We welcome everyone to step outside of their boundaries and make impact cross-functionally.
Seokyoung Kook
I studied Business, Computer Science, and Economics, and did internships in each field. I started my full-time career at Ringle as a software engineer.
Kyungeun Kim
I spent 4 years at Samsung C&T's HR and finance team, and switched to a front-end developer role at Ringle in 2020, focused on app development.
Ellisa Kim
Content Manager
After graduating from KUBS, I joined Ringle as an editor to leverage my experience in academic writing and to build on my creative writing skills.
Minwoo Kim
Head of Technology-Product Team
I've spent over 12 years working at startups, some exiting through M&A and IPOs. I have experience in front-end, back-end, and app development.
Inae Kim
Head of Customer-Product Team
5 years at BCG; MBA at Wharton; 1 year as a PO at Coupang; 4 years at the strategy team at Amore Pacific. I'm now connecting these dots at Ringle!
Jaejung Kim
Content Manager
I earned BA in Art History and worked as a coordinator for Korean culture, arts & lifestyle brands. Now I produce Webinar contents at Ringle!
Juyeon Kim
UX/UI Designer
After studying Industrial Engineering at KAIST, I researched product design. Currently I am devoting time and passion to designing UX/UI at Ringle.
Jiyoung Kim
Head of UX Design-Product Team
Seattle, WA
I have 15 years of experience working on UX/UI at various fields. I joined Ringle to create the world's best English education product!
Hyewon Kim
Tutor Operation Manager
I was drawn to Ringle's dynamism fuelled by energetic individuals. As a team, we will strive to strengthen Ringle's core asset, the Tutors!
Joohyung Ra
Head of Global/Tutor-Product Team
San Mateo
Thanks to the great opportunity given from Ringle while I was working as a Manager at PwC's SF office, I now lead Global/Tutor Team at Ringle!
Museong Park
Lead Developer
I started my career as an Android app developer. At Ringle, I work across front-end & back-end and continuously seek to learn more about both.
Junwan Park
I have experience working with deep learning framework and natural language processing. Now I spend time developing web front & back-end at Ringle.
Ina Bang
I studied Economics and worked at foods industry, and later switched to become a developer. I'm currently growing as a front-end developer at Ringle!
Joanna Song
Tutor Recruitment Manager
Dayton, OH
After completing Master's at Syracuse, I built my career as a researcher & foreign newscaster for KBS. Now I hope to help make Ringle a world-class.
Yeonggyeong Song
Global Operation Manager
After majoring in International Studies from Waseda, I joined the Global team and I handle Sales & Marketing projects for Ringle's Global growth.
Jieun Song
CS Manager
From internship to joining full-time at CS-Product team, I've grown my career with Ringle. I work across operations and product management.
Jinyoung Song
Customer Lead
I started my career at Ringle and worked across CS, Sales, and Marketing team. I interact with all new users at all points of acquisition!
Bonghyun Ahn
UX/UI Designer
I started out at Ringle as a Marketing intern, then a QA manager and now a product designer. I'm all about providing great experience to Ringlers!
Sungpah Lee
My interest in college years now became my favorite job! I earned BS and MS in EE, and MBA. My goal is to create accessible and valuable products.
Hoon Seunghun Lee
After 6 years at BCG, I founded Ringle while I was earning MBA at Stanford. I support Ringle team on all fronts to make a GREAT service for everyone!
Yoonah Lee
CS Manager
I majored in Commerce, spent working holiday in the UK, then joined Ringle to collaborate with a community that share a passion for global growth.
Jade Lee
VP of Business Development & IR
San Mateo
I started my career in finance then rekindled my passion for tutoring with Ringle. I enjoyed it so much that I joined to lead globalization efforts.
Yonghun Jeong
Head of PM-Product Team
I joined Ringle while finishing Master's at KAIST, first as a developer, then as a Marketing Lead, and I now work as a PM and oversee data team.
Hyunyoung Jung
Head of Content-Product Team
I have 20+ year of experience from Samsung, BCG, Hyundai and SK, along with an MBA from Berkeley. Creating content at Ringle tops all the other jobs!
Chloe H. Cho
Tutor Lead
State College, PA
I joined Ringle after diverse experiences in both industry and academia. I believe my background will help design a better education curriculum.
Wooram Choi
I worked as a Logistics Optimization Consultant at LG CNS for a year. I switched path and joined Ringle as a developer to fast-track career growth.
Jinmin Paeng
QA Manager
After 3 years in the corporate world, I started a new chapter as Ringle's Product QA. I carry out testings in various environments for stable service.
Kunjoo Hwang
I started my career creating Ringle's app and now I'm all about it! I'm passionate about making our app more intuitive and user-friendly.
The world is our office
Ringle has its headquarters in Seoul and in San Mateo, CA. We also have teammates working remotely from all over the world, at Sidney, London, Seattle, Pennsylvania and more.

Main Office

12th floor, WeWork
Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
Located at Gangnam, the center of Seoul, Ringle’s Seoul Office is in WeWork Gangnam Branch #2 where it enjoys ample natural light and a grand view of Gangnam
San Mateo
400 Concar dr. San
Mateo CA
Ringle's U.S. branch is located at San Mateo WeWork, which is in between Stanford University and San Francisco, Silicon Valley

Sub Office

Hyunyoung’s Home Office
Jiyoung’s Home Office
Hyojin’s Home Office
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Work with us to create the number one global education service

Ringle's Culture


Horizontal communication

At Ringle, we believe every member ought to be respected as adults and professionals and our philosophy is based on the belief that all ideas are equal.

Self-directed benefits

Ringle team members self-organize to best achieve Ringle's mission. Ringle provides necessary support, tools and benefits to facilitate better work & growth.

Work-life balance

Ringle pursues creating a harmonious work-life balance. Our workspace balances private and co-working, and our snack bar is loaded with healthy options.
Open Position
We're hiring!
SeoulTechnology - Product TeamJunior Developer(2)
Web Frontend (React) Developer
React Native Developer
Server Developer (Ruby On Rails, Flask or Django)
Fullstack Developer
Data Engineer
Design UX - Product TeamProduct Manager
UX/UI Designer (1-2)
Customer - Product TeamBusiness Development
Performance Marketer
Customer Success
Marketing Video Creator
San MateoGlobal Operation TeamContent & Business Development