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Lay the groundwork for advanced discussions

Let’s first get you comfortable
with the idea of speaking in English
Q. Can people at a beginner or intermediate level of English also take Ringle lessons?
They sure can! Over half of Ringle customers speak beginner or intermediate level English, meaning they do not have much problem with reading, but feel less comfortable with speaking and writing.

If you are a beginner or intermediate level speaker, you might be worried that you lack the fluency to talk to a native speaker for 20 or 40 minutes straight.
Fear not! Here are some ways that Ringle can be catered to your needs of honing the basics and getting your feet wet with English speaking:
Try having regular lessons with one tutor you like, instead of meeting with a different tutor each time, so that the familiar face will help ease any existing tension or fear about English speaking
Try using the same lesson materials for 2 or 3 lessons so you can really absorb all the relevant expressions
Take advantage of tutor’s detailed feedback, audio-recording of the lesson, and AI analysis to further make notes of your room for improvement, and apply them at your next lesson!
"My English would have been better if I had started Ringle earlier."
- Sojung, English major


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