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If you need professional English

If you need to use professional English
to communicate with people in your field





Do practitioners take Ringle lessons?

Many of our customers are consultants in a global consulting firm, accountants, lawyers, medical doctors, and professors.

Lawyers use Ringle to prepare for LLM, consultants and accountants to prepare for MBA or meetings with overseas clients, professors to provide courses conducted in English, and doctors to prepare for overseas training programs or conferences.

How can I use Ringle to improve English for my occupation?

Our customers who practice medicine, law, etc. usually select a tutor to focus on desired areas of study.

Medical doctors select tutors with a Pre-Med or Biology major and prepare their own topic to be covered during the lesson.

Lawyers select tutors with a Law or Social Science major and discuss law-related topics,

and consultants/accountants select tutors with work experiences or with a Business/Economics major. They conduct lessons with various business case topics.

Students have commented that Ringle tutors speak English at a professional level, so it's very helpful as long as the tutors have relevant backgrounds and suitable lesson materials are available.

I often work overtime. What should I do?

Our customers with long working hours usually take 6 lessons per month.

They generally make use of their free time over the weekend, during the early morning, or even late at night. Most of them schedule their lessons at 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 o'clock AM or on the weekends.

You can take Ringle lessons any day of the year. Lessons can be scheduled any time between 5 AM and 2 AM.

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