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Design your own lessons
wherever and whenever

Ringle lesson in 7 steps
Step 1. Select Date & Time
Choose a time that best fits your schedule.
*Ringle application
Step 2. Select a tutor
Choose a tutor whose expertise matches your interests.
*Ringle application
Step 3. Select materials
Pick out lesson materials on a topic of your interest.
Pick out materials on a topic of your interest or have a "Free Topic" discussion.
Or choose Free Topic or upload your own materials
Step 4. Read the materials and select questions
Mark questions you'd like to focus on during the lesson.
Step 5. Set Lesson Style
Choose either correction or discussion-focused lesson and leave other requests.
Step 6. Join the lesson
Log in to Ringle and enter lesson on time.
See your tutor, materials, and questions all on the same screen.

Step 7. Real-time corrections
Follow along your tutor's corrections and comments real-time.
What’s offered after the lesson
1. Correction notes from lesson
You can review the tutor correction doc that you used during the lesson.
2. Recording & Transcript
You can revisit the lesson by listening to audio recording and reading conversation transcript
3. AI Analysis
Ringle offers AI-generated analysis on suggestions on speech pace and vocabulary range.
4. Comprehensive Feedback
After each lesson, your tutor will leave a detailed feedback on vocabulary, fluency, grammar, and pronunciation.
Here's a recording of an actual Ringle lesson
We guarantee Ringle is worth your time
100% Money-back guarantee
We promise a full refund if you're not 100% satisfied with your first paid lesson.
Start Whenever
You can purchase lesson credits now and start later.
* Unused credits' expiration dates will start counting down a year after the purchase date.
Flexible Cancellation
You can cancel or reschedule your lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson.