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Frequently Asked Qustions
Application Process
What are the steps to become a tutor?
  • Create an account by clicking "Become a Tutor"
  • Submit application (General info and resume)
  • Schedule Mock Session
  • Lead Mock Session (30 minutes), *Invite only, contingent upon your application
  • Attend Orientation Session (40 minutes), *Invite only, contingent upon your Mock Session
  • Start teaching with Ringle!
  • How do I prepare for the Mock Session once it’s scheduled?
  • Once Mock Session is successfully scheduled, the Ringle team will send a follow-up email with instructions and a sample script to help you prepare for the Mock Session.
  • Teaching Requirement
    What are the qualifications for becoming a Ringle tutor?
  • Must hold or be pursuing a degree at a top University in the U.S. or U.K.
  • Enthusiastic and professional
  • Great communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and English corrections
  • Ability to discuss business cases and share meaningful insights
  • Native English speaker
  • No past teaching experience required
  • What are the requirements for teaching online lessons using Ringle platform?
  • Quite place
    • Background noise (e.g. televisions, phones, people) can negatively impact the learning environment, especially in the online classroom where ability to hear the instructor is key
  • Neat background
    • Display a neat and professional background (put away your dirty laundry or flags on your wall) in the classroom improves quality of each lesson. Plain wall background is highly recommended.
  • Stable and high-speed internet connection
    • Don’t conduct lessons in public areas such as the public library, cafe, or train — it carries a high risk of losing internet connection.
    What are the technical system requirements to teach at Ringle?
  • Device: Desktop/Laptop (no smartphone, iPad or tablet)
    • Video Conference Software: Zoom *Download here https://zoom.us/download
    • Web Browser: Google Chrome (Internet Explorer not compatible)
    • Web Browser Version: 49 or above
    • Supported Operating System: Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.9 higher or Window 7 and higher
    • Internet Speed: Minimum 80Mbps download and 180Mbps upload
    • *Check your Internet bandwidth using http://www.speedtest.net/
  • Webcam: Either built-in or preferably high quality Creative, Logitech, or comparable
  • Headset: Any headset with sealed headphones and a swivel boom microphone recommended
  • Payment
    How much money can I earn as a Ringle tutor?
  • Ringle tutors get paid by the hour. Pay rates depend on your level, determined by the cumulative points earned from all your previous lessons. You can review your payment history on the Ringle website. More details will be provided during our interview process.
  • What is the payment method?
  • Ringle pays on a weekly or monthly basis via PayPal.
    How do I sign up for lessons?
  • Ringle tutors apply for lessons based on their weekly schedule in our website. Based on each tutor's availability, our scheduler assigns lessons to each student. Ringle students also sign up for lessons directly with their preferred tutors through tutors’ online profiles.
  • What types of lessons does Ringle offer to its students?
  • 1:1 Discussion
    • 40-minute discussion on the topic of your student's choice, providing corrections on their spoken English.
  • Mock Interview
    • 55-minute interview preparation on sample interview questions, providing experiences in an environment similar to an actual interview.
  • Editing
    • Proofreading Statements of Purpose, CVs, writing samples, essays, resumes, etc.
    Do tutors need to prepare for own lesson materials?
    No. Ringle provides lesson materials to its tutors so that tutors don't have to. The lesson materials broadly cover four categories: 1) business / start-up, 2) politics / economy / society, 3) culture / sports, and 4) Email writing / presentation bootcamp. Also, students can choose free-talking and bring their own materials to the lesson. The Ringle team creates the materials and publishes a new topic every week.
    Where do tutors and students meet for lessons?
    All Ringle lessons are conducted in the online platform developed by Ringle. All Ringle lessons are 1:1 personalized for each student.
    Additional Questions
    Where can I contact for further questions?
  • Reach out to us at our email address: tutor@ringleplus.com