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[NY & Culture] Instagram Perfect: My entire life is a lie
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How often do you find yourself checking Instagram and what kinds of content do you subscribe to or follow? Do you ever find yourself living vicariously through the activities of your social circle such as trips abroad, music festivals, delicious foods, etc.?

On the 9th slide, you can access a YouTube link to a Buzzfeed video where IG users describe their “Instagram Perfect” Moments. Can you think of your IG Perfect Moment?

Slides 10-14 describe the superficial nature of social media where users are pressured to demonstrate an image of nonchalance and luxury despite working ferociously behind closed doors to maintain this reputation. Read about how this social phenomenon and its hashtag even inspired a book title!

Slides 12-16 illustrate how even an art of inwardness and humility like Yoga can deviate from a path of personal growth to that of “showing off” impressive poses on Instagram. (Side note: You can say “...on the ‘Gram” instead if you want to use an American colloquial phrase).

Finally, you now have the opportunity to discuss with your Ringle tutor how SNS like Instagram has changed the entire paradigm of social life in the 21st century. Can you determine different patterns of IG usage among Koreans and Americans with your tutor?

(*You can read the next slide on this course's PDF file. Please download the file)

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