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The past five years, the United States has seen a rapid growth of the coworking Space industry.

  • The rising number of young independent contractors (independent contractors make up 34% of the US labor force, 78% of these under the age of 40) has upped the demand for communal spaces that are conducive for both socialization and work.
  • This niche of people occupy the coworking spaces left behind by start-ups that have relocated their offices to other locations
  • According to figures from 2013, there are approximately 800 coworking spaces in the United States alone, and it is predicted that the number of these spaces will double every year.

WeWork set up its first office in New York City in 2010, and pubbed itself as a “communal space that allows members can focus on their work and cooperate/network with others.” Since then, WeWork has expanded into other key cities in the United States.

  • A focused business environment: access to hot/dedicated desks, private offices, conference rooms, common spaces, printers, shower rooms, free coffee/beer
  • Productive collaboration: a Community Manager resides in the space, connecting you to members with whom you can collaborate. There is also an app that gives you access to job postings, recruitment opportunities, and various events hosted by members throughout the world.
  • Construct community-like atmosphere by using data and scientific analysis: space has been set up to optimize work productivity and facilitates cooperation (e.g., What is the optimal location for an espresso bar?), and members have access to events that may be helpful to the members.
  • 51% of WeWork members report collaborating with at least one person within a span of one month

Using its distinguished services, WeWork has been producing fantastic results.

  • Spaces: there are currently 91 coworking spaces operating in 28 cities in seven countries, and boasts a 98% occupancy rate.
  • Clients: WeWork services 50,000 members, of which 77% are part of a company with a workforce of at least 3, and whose fastest growing company employs more than 20 people (Pinterest, Silicon Valley Bank, and other successful companies have moved into WeWork offices in cities where their businesses are growing most rapidly.)
  • Finance: 2015 $260M in sales by a +40% margin, estimated 3x growth in 2016, valuated at $10B
  • WeWork creates an environment where everyone can collaborate productively in a Facebook/Google-like atmosphere

What makes WeWork so unique? Do you think WeWork will be able to maintain its strengths as it continues to grow in the future? Do you think Korean WeWork office which is expected to open in the near future will be able to achieve the same level of success that the US offices have experienced?

Please discuss this topic with your Tutor, many of whom work very near the Boston WeWork office.

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