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Currently, South Korean people are fascinated by celebrity chefs and their creative cooking.

  • Television cooking programs such as “Take care of my fridge” and “What should we eat today?” starring celebrity chefs (so-called star chefs) have gained great popularity recently.
  • Chef Yim Jung Sik’s “Jungsik Dining”, chef Pierre Gagnaire’s “Pierre Gagnaire”, and chef Morita’s “Ariake” are considered the best fine dining restaurants in South Korea. Despite their high prices, the renowned restaurants are all fully booked one to two months in advance.

New York City is a place where the world’s top chefs have opened their restaurants and it is where numerous Michelin-starred restaurants are located.

  • In New York City alone, there are 6 Michelin three-star restaurants, 9 two-star restaurants, and 58 one-star restaurants.
  • The cuisine presented in restaurants such as Jean Georges, Le Bernardi, and Eleveon Madison Park have imposed great influences on chefs and the culinary industry globally.
  • The Korean fine dining restaurant called “Jungsik” in New York received great attention from the public when it received its Michelin two-star designation.

The first article introduces and talks about twelve Michelin-starred restaurants in NY.

  • The twelve restaurants vary in cuisine (from French to Korean) and the number of stars they received from Michelin. The article includes information about each restaurant’s specialty, its signature dishes, price ranges, locations, etc.
  • The second article features an interview with Yim Jung Sik, the chef of “Jungsik New York”. “Jungsik New York” is the first Korean restaurant to receive a Michelin two-star rating in NY.

The interview provides Chef Yim Jung Sik’s perspectives on the globalization of Korean cuisine and the trend of New York fine dining restaurants.

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