New York vs. San Francisco


New York vs. San Francisco
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New York and San Francisco are the two cities on the top of the travel list for young Korean people in their twenties and thirties.

NY and SF have different characteristics and offer different opportunities and experiences.

The difference between NY and SF reflects the difference between the East coast culture and the West coast culture.

New York has been the center of commerce historically and developed into a center for business as wells as art and fashion. NY’s street in the morning is filled with people going to work in business formal. It would be blasphemous to wear anything else than a business formal. Like everyone else in the city, you work overtime on a regular basis. After work, you o a sports bar to hand out with friends. The city never sleeps as NY’s social life continues late into the night.

San Francisco has more of a hippie influence to its culture. It is relatively free in terms of fashion and lifestyle. You can wear whatever outfit you want and your coworker won’t mind. SF is home for many prominent tech companies. You see Tesla on the street on a regular basis that it is not special anymore. If you have more work to do, you can just take it home instead of staying at work until late into the night. You often enjoy outdoor activities, enjoying the year-long mild weather.

The two cities have their own charm. Which city would you want to live in? What lifestyle suits you?

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