Shale gas vs. Renewable energy


Shale vs. Renewable Energy​
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In the past five years. Korean companies that invested in in renewable energy and deep sea development have seen their stock price plummet because of cheap shale gas and oil. Through improvement of drilling technology that combines hydraulic fracking technology and horizontal drilling technology, shale gas and oil are now available at a low cost. As US oil production surpasses that of the Middle East, US got its new nickname of “Saudi America.”

However, renewable energy is far from being doomed. Improvement in solar and wind energy efficiency, lower installation cost and federal subsidies all propelled renewable energy to emerge as a significant source for energy. Renewable energy isn’t just a badge for green-energy advocates; renewable energy can finally win on its economics.

There are two conflicting views regarding the near future of world energy market. One view predicts that conventional energy source will increase its market share. The other view predicts exactly the opposite that renewable energy sources will continue to increase its market share.

What is your prediction on global energy market in five years? Which renewable energy is most adequate to compete against conventional energy?

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