Last Updated Date: December 04, 2020 Ringle, Inc., including our Ringle affiliate companies (“we”, “us”, “our”, or “RINGLE”), provides this Lessons Policy as a part of our Terms of Service to inform you of our policies regarding tutoring lessons accessible through the RINGLE Site and Services. RINGLE does not provide tutoring services directly. It is up to you as a “Student” to purchase tutoring lessons (each, a “Lesson”) with independent tutors (“Tutors”) who offer their services through the RINGLE Site. It is up to each Tutor to agree to provide their tutoring services to you in each Lesson you purchase. While RINGLE does not provide tutoring services, RINGLE facilitates Lessons between you and Tutors by establishing a system for Students to request, schedule, and purchase Lessons, providing an online platform to connect Students with Tutors, and collecting and processing payments between Students and Tutors for any Lessons conducted. Each confirmed Lesson represents a binding agreement formed directly between you as the Student, the Tutor you hire for tutoring services, and RINGLE as your service provider. In order to provide all Students and Tutors with a consistent, reliable, and easy to understand experience for Lessons conducted through RINGLE’s Services, we have standardized the terms and conditions for Lessons in this Lessons Policy. All Lessons will be subject to the following terms and conditions that apply to you. Each Tutor will be subject to corresponding terms and conditions in their agreement with RINGLE. Each Tutor agrees to provide tutoring services to Students in consideration of your agreement to these terms and conditions as a Student. This Lessons Policy may change from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Lessons Policy wherever it may appear on our Site, and give you notice that they have been updated according to our Terms of Service. Your continued use of any Services following any changes to the Lessons Policy will be considered your acceptance to those changes. You should consult this policy regularly for any changes, and it is your responsibility to become aware of and understand them. Unless otherwise defined in this policy, capitalized terms will have the same meanings as in our Terms of Service. PURCHASING CREDITS FOR LESSONS You must have credits for Lessons before you can hire any Tutor or start any Lessons. Lesson credits are only available through the Ringle Site. Credits may be purchased on a per-Lesson basis, by “package” for a fixed number of Lessons, and/or may be term-based for Lessons conducted over a fixed period of time. From time to time, RINGLE may also offer promotional offers for free or discounted Lesson credits. Any credits are applied towards payments to Tutors for each Lesson, and for payment to RINGLE for the Service provided for each Lesson. REQUESTS FOR LESSONS Once you have Lesson credits, you may request and schedule Lessons based on your desired dates for Lessons, select preferred Tutors, and select preferred Lesson materials. Lesson scheduling, Tutors, and requested Lessons materials are subject to availability at the time of selection. CREDIT AVAILABILITY & VALIDITY Credits are applied towards payments to Tutors for each Lesson, including to guarantee their continued availability for any fixed period of time you want to schedule your Lessons. For that reason, when you purchase term-based credits for Lessons over a fixed period of time, your credits may expire even if you don’t complete any Lessons, and these credits will no longer be valid unless you request, and we grant, an extension of credit validity period. The validity period for any term-based credits will begin from the date your first Lesson begins. Extensions of time to use your credits may be subject to additional fees, terms, and conditions in effect at that time, and Tutor selection will be subject to availability at such time. CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS You may reschedule or cancel any Lesson with an assigned Tutor at any time at least twenty-four (24) hours before an accepted Lesson is scheduled to begin, at no cost to you. If a requested Lesson is accepted by a Tutor, you may reschedule or cancel the Lesson less than twenty-four (24) hours before the Lesson is scheduled to begin, but your credits for the Lesson will be deducted from your account with no right to refund or additional credits. However, if no Tutor has accepted your requested Lesson, you may reschedule or cancel a Lesson at any time at no cost to you. You are solely responsible for use of your Lesson credits. RINGLE and Tutors will not be responsible or liable to you for any mistakes or errors you may make when scheduling Lessons. TARDINESS & DELAY You agree to be on time for any Lesson, and be prepared to engage in the Lesson according to the Lesson material selected. You may enter any virtual online Lesson room at least fifteen (15) minutes before a Lesson is scheduled to begin. Lessons will begin and end according to their scheduled times, no matter if you are late or your attendance is delayed for reasons beyond a Tutor’s or RINGLE’s control. However, if the start of a Lesson is delayed or cancelled by a Tutor or due to causes within RINGLE’s control, you will be entitled to have the Lesson conducted for at least forty (40) minutes from when it is possible to begin the Lesson, or else have a full refund or credit issued for the Lesson at no cost to you. RINGLE RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES RINGLE is solely responsible for the operation and availability of its Site and Services for each Lesson scheduled. RINGLE shall use all commercially reasonable measures to screen and vet each Tutor, including by conducting background and credential checks to verify their qualifications. From time to time, and/or upon a Student’s request, Tutors may need to be substituted for Lessons. If you request any substitution of a Tutor after a Lesson is scheduled, RINGLE will use commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill your request, but cannot guarantee that any substitute Tutor will meet your expectations or requirements. Because Lessons are conducted by independent Tutors, except as expressly agreed to by RINGLE in writing, RINGLE will have no responsibility or liability to you for a Tutor’s conduct or performance during a Lesson. Tutors have authorized RINGLE to accept and process payments on their behalf, which are made through your use of Lesson credits. RINGLE reserves the right to disable your account and/or suspend or terminate your access to the Site or Services for nonpayment of any amounts due to RINGLE or Tutor for your use of the Services. Within thirty (30) days of completion of any purchased Services or following a Student request, RINGLE will provide a written statement of the Student’s account, including any credits used, credits remaining, and/or an accounting of any fees charged or applied by RINGLE or by a Tutor for any Lessons conducted on the Student’s behalf. TUTOR RESPONSIBILITIES While RINGLE will use all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure Tutors on the RINGLE platform are qualified and capable of conducting satisfactory Lessons, Tutors are solely responsible and liable for their own conduct and performance during a Lesson. Tutors are independent contractors, and have no power or authority to bind RINGLE to any agreement or obligation on RINGLE’s behalf, including but not limited to any offer, discount, or accommodation that a Student may request.