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Personalized 1:1 Lessons
just for you


You can schedule your lessons anytime
with just one click

Search and select a preferred tutor

View detailed profiles of 500+ tutors
Search according to the tutor's major/experience/career
Search for an unlimited number of preferred tutors

Get automatically matched with a perfect tutor

Choose your desired schedule, and we match you with the best tutor

Change your lesson schedule flexibly

Schedule as many lessons as you like, at any time of the day
Change lesson schedule anytime until 24 hours before the lesson
Get makeup lessons (if cancelled 2-24 hours before the lesson)
Prep for lessons

Learning interface
optimized for one-on-one lessons

Online study materials and audiobooks

Unlimited view on the mobile app
Download in PDF/MP3
Korean/English versions provided

Upload personal lesson materials

Personalized lessons for English interviews
and drafting emails are available
Various formats available,
including PDF and Docx
Security system protects personal info

Select questions and write your answers before lessons

Control difficulty level by choosing harder or easier questions
Practice English writing by answering each question
Share your answers with your tutor

Design your lessons
to fit your level

Select lesson style

Discussion Focused vs Correction Focused
Control amount of conversation and level of correction

Select focus of the lesson

Customize your lesson using 4 categories
Feedback provided based on your selected mode

Submit detailed request

Ask your tutor before your lesson
Design your lessons to fit your learning objective

You can view corrections on screen
in real-time

Real-time corrections provided

View corrections and lesson screen simultaneously
Co-writing available
Corrections are automatically converted
to your lesson notes

Translator/dictionary available

Translating tools available during lessons
ENG-KOR dictionary available

Real-time video without interruption

Lesson conducted with Zoom app
Support team available in real-time
Solution/Compensation for Network problems

Learning continues after your lesson

Audio-recording & Script

Audio-recording of your lesson
Conversation script of your lesson
Correction notes

Personalized feedback

Predict your scores for official English proficiency tests
Evaluation in 8 categories

AI analysis

AI system analyzes your speaking pattern
and suggests expressions
Find out how much & how quickly you speak

Comfortably and easily use all
these unique functions
on the app and PC.

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