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From biggest promotion
of the year
to New English study tips
Ringle Bi-annual promo
June 7(Tue) - July 7(Thu)
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What is Ringle?
1:1 English lessons
with top university students & graduates
Learn English online with visualized real-time
corrections and tutor's personalized feedback
Still don't understand how Ringle works?
1 min preview of an actual lesson
Ringle Bi-annual promo
Biggest benefit of the year
presented by Ringle
to make a real change in your English
Only twice a year
Up to 49% off Lesson Credits
Complete a 4-month challenge and get a free plane ticket
Silicon Valley Challenge
Experts from different fields and their studying know-hows
Seminar on How to Study English
Study and network with other students
Ringle Study Club
Promo 1. Maximum 49% discount off lesson credits
Only twice a year,
All Lesson Credits
on Sale
Biggest promotion of the year
Added discounts and free Lesson Credits
for first time purchasers
$8 off + up to 3 extra credits
for first time purchasers
100% money-back guarantee for your first lesson
Promo 2. Silicon Valley Challenge
Study with us and
earn a free plane ticket
to Silicon Valley
Complete 24 lessons in 4 months and become one of the lucky five to visit Silicon Valley on a 6-day trip!
Aren't you curious to know what it's like to work in Silicon Valley?
  • Program details
  • - A round-trip plane ticket, accommodation, and other program costs are covered
    - A guided tour of Google, Amazon, and Meta's Silicon Valley offices and networking opportunities with their employees
    - Meet-and-greets with Standford tutors

  • Eligibility: Complete 48 lessons (20-min lesson) or 24 lessons (40-min lesson) within June 8, 2022– October 6, 2022

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Last year's Silicon Valley winners
are leaving for California this July
Now, it's your turn!
"It was hard to push through, but the challenge kept me going!
Gyeonghee Lee /
Engineer, ASML
"I am looking forward to connecting with the valley community.
Yoobin Kang /
In-house US Attorney
"I would not have had the opportunity to visit on my own.
Jeongeun Kim /
Associate Researcher, LG Ericsson
Promo 3. How to Study English Seminar
Everything you should know
about learning English
Sign up and gain access to more than 10
Seminars on how to study English
This June, students and tutors share their experiences studying English.
  • Period: from June 12 until July 3, 2022
  • How it works: To participate, click the button below and receive a link. With the link, you'll receive our seminar schedule.
  • Eligibility: Anyone with a Ringle account can participate

Speakers and topics may change at the organizer's discretion.
Major Seminars
June 28 20:00PM KST
Does the Ringle Way
(Really) Work?
Jinyoung Song
RIngle Customer Lead
Customer Product Team
June 30 20:00PM KST
A Review of Ringle
With 600 Lessons

Under My Belt
Jihye Yoo, Cheol Shin,
Jihye Jang
RIngle User
July 3 21:00PM KST
Build a Vocabulary
with David
*English Session
Ringle Tutor
Trinity College Dublin
July 10 21:00PM KST
Starting English
from Zero
*English Session
Ringle Tutor
University of Michigan
Promo 4. Ringle Study Club
Practice speaking
and network with
fellow students
An opportunity to study and network simultaneously an hour every week, for 4 weeks. Limited to 200 students.
Are you tired of studying alone? Motivate yourself by way of mutual support of the Ringle community
  • Eligibility: Purchase 48 lesson credits (20-min) or 24 lesson credits (40-min) or more during the promo period.
  • Period: From August 1 until August 26, 2022
  • How it works: Ringle Study Club will be held online one hour a week, on weekday nights
For more details, see information at the bottom of the page
Study Club Reviews
"The study club dramatically accelerated my progress!"
Jihye Jang /
Accountant, Samil PWC
"Ringle Study Club gave me a study routine to stick to!"
Chul Shin /
Diretor, Bucheon Film Festival
"Everyone comes together to make a difference. Their passion is inspiring."
Jeongmin Lee /
Student, Seoul National Univ.
Special event: Ringle Q&A
Ask us Anything (AuA)
A dedicated consultant
will answer your questions
Is Ringle the right service for me?
Ask us Anything
Drop in for 15 min and earn [$25] points
  • AuA
  • - June 8–July 7, 2022 (Mon–Fri) every day 12-1PM KST
    - *Excluding Saturdays and Sundays
  • Session breakdown
  • - A 10min Ringle overview followed by Q&A
    - All sessions will be conducted online. Enter your email to receive a link to your session.
    - If you have not purchased lesson credits, receive $25 points by simply attending.
Special event. Refer a Friend
Refer Ringle to a friend
and get a chance at winning one-year lesson credits
If a friend signs up within the promo period
you will automatically become eligible!
  • Rewards
  • - First reward (1 person): 48 x 40-minute classes, effective for 1 year
    - Second reward (10 people): 3 x 20-minute classes, effective for 1 month
  • Eligibility
  • - You will be eligible if one or more friends sign up through your [Invite a Friend] link during the promo period.

For more details, see information at bottom of page
[General Notice]
  1. All dates and times are informed in Korea Standard Time (KST).
  2. Promo winners will be emailed individually.
  3. You may not be able to receive promo rewards if your contact information on file is inaccurate.
  4. If we are unable to reach out to you for 7 business days after the announcement of winners, your rewards will be canceled and given to someone else.
  5. You may not transfer your reward to another person or exchange your reward for another product.
[Collection and Use of Personal Information]
  1. Ringle collects and uses personal information (name, contact information, and address) for the selection and awarding of promotion rewards.
  2. Users reserve the right to refuse the collection and use of said personal information. However, such refusal will affect users' eligibility for promotion rewards.
  3. Personal information collected will only be used to select, notify, and award winners, and will be deleted once the program ends.
[Silicon Valley Challenge]
  1. Lesson challenge period: July 8 - October 6, 2022
  2. Winners announced: October 19, 2022
  3. Eligibility: Complete 48 lessons (20-min lesson) or 24 lessons (40-min lesson) within June 8, 2022– October 6, 2022
  4. Note: 20 min and 40 min classes count towards the challenge independently.
[Ringle Study Club]
  1. Promo Period: June 8 - July 7, 2022
  2. Study group members will be announced on: July 20, 2022
  3. Eligibility: You will be eligible to enter if you purchase 36 lesson credits (20-min) or 24 lesson credits (40-min) or more during promo period.
  4. Note: If you refund credits after selected as a club member, your will be excluded from the club and the slot will go to someone else.
[Q&A Session]
  1. You will receive [$25] points for attending a session, only if you have never purchased a lesson credit before.
  2. The [$25] points can be used toward a discount on purchases worth more than [$169]
  3. Points credited to your account are valid for 7 days after the issue date.
[Refer a Friend Promo]
  1. Promo period: June 8 - July 7, 2022
  2. Winners announced: July 13, 2022 (individually by email)
  3. Rewards: 1 person will receive 48 x 40 min credits for 1 year and 10 people will receive 3 x 20 min credits for 1 month.
  4. Eligibility: You will be eligible if one or more friends sign up through your [Invite a Friend] link during the promo period.
  5. Note: Upon discovery of use of more than one email account per person, you will be disqualified from this promo.
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