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Anywhere, Anytime
Design your own lessons freely

Trial Lesson

Simple Ringle Guide

Step 1. Select a date
You can choose from any day of the year using your PC/Tablet/Smartphone
Step 2. Select a tutor
Select a tutor who shares the same interests as you. Our tutors comes from various schools, have a wide range of work experience, and major in all kinds of fields.
Step 3. Select a material
Select a topic of your interest. You can also have a free topic lesson without a lesson material.
Step 4. Read the materials and select questions
You can select discussion questions for your lessons. There are 8-10 questions per material.
Step 5. Request proofreading.
You can submit specific requests such as "My English is too casual. I want to use more formal/business vocabulary." If you specify your goal, you will have a more effective lesson.
Step 6. Join the lesson
You can join 15-minutes prior to the lesson.
You can view the tutor/lesson material/
questions/correction notes on the same screen.
Step 7. Visible corrections
You can view your tutor's corrections right away, on Google Docs. Both the tutor and tutee can make changes to the correction notes.
What’s offered after the lesson
1. Conversation script & Audio-recording
You can read the conversation with your tutor, converted to text by AI. You can both view and listen to enhance your learning
2. AI analysis on conversation patterns
Our AI system will evaluate your speech pace and commonly-used words. It will also suggest useful words for future use.
3. Multi-perspective feedback
After the lesson, your tutor will leave feedbacks on your vocabulary, fluency, grammar, etc. Check what you're doing well and where you can improve!
4. Correction notes from the lesson
We provide the Google Doc document that you used during the lesson. Improve your English with the written corrections.
Video-recording of the lesson
This is an actual video of a Ringle lesson. 40 minutes pass swiftly while you discuss on the 2-3 lesson questions!
Free trial
Ringle Guarantees

We guarantee that
it's worth investing your time.

Full Refund
Try it before you decide.
If you are not satisfied with your first lesson,
we guarantee full refund.

* For first-time users including Free Trial lesson
Comfortable Start
Start when you want.
We won't start counting down the validity period until you start your first lesson.

* Validity period extension available
Lesson Completion
Complete your lessons
even if something comes up.
You can freely change the lesson schedule
the day before it starts.
* If you change your lesson schedule
at least 2 hours before the lesson,
we will give you a makeup lesson
until the lesson is conducted.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about starting Ringle?
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