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Can I correct my pronunciation using Ringle lessons?

Many of our customers focus on pronunciation and intonation when practicing English.

Also, they get corrections on their pronunciations by using Ringle's lesson materials during their lessons.

However, some of those who have focused on pronunciation commented that "correcting pronunciation during conversations and debates wasn't as effective as I'd expected, because I use limited words and phrases during a conversation. So, it's better to use a different method to correct my pronunciation."

Then what's an effective way to correct my pronunciation with Ringle?

Our customers who have improved their pronunciation through Ringle recommended the following steps.

  • 1) Read the summaries of Ringle's lesson materials, and select what interests you the most. (Ringle's 300+ lesson materials are on varioius topics including business, startups, politics, society, culture, our tutors.

  • 2) Select a tutor who speaks in your ideal accent/pronunciation. We recommend you to watch introduction videos of our tutors to find out who fits you the best. (We have tutors working in theatre/film who speak in a perfect British accent as well as those who are currently teaching ESL classes. There are variety of Ringle tutors that specialize in teaching correct pronunciation.)

  • 3) Before the lesson, leave a detailed request using the lesson setting function. Ex) "I would like to focus on pronunciation and intonation." "Could you correct my pronunciation when I read out loud each sentence of the lesson material?"

  • 4) When your lesson begins, remind your tutor of your lesson objective. Then, read the lesson material and get corrections. We recommend you to focus on one page and repeat each sentence, instead of going through many pages.

How does Ringle's program differentiate in terms of improving my pronunciation?

Ringle lessons are conducted through video calls, so you can learn by watching how your tutor's mouth moves. Your tutor will also record your mistakes on the screen, making your lesson more interactive.

By using Ringle lesson materials that are relevant and interesting to you, you will learn useful expressions with more efficiency. Also, the tutor will know the exact sentence you're reading and will be able to correct your pronunciation more effectively.

Also, the lesson materials will provide you with various words and phrases to practice your pronunciation.

By reading words and phrases that may be unfamiliar to you, you can practice different kinds of pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

This will naturally allow you to memorize colloquial expressions and new words. Also, you'll remember them for a longer time and will be able to apply them when you speak.

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