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Can you prepare for an English interview with Ringle?

About 10-15% of our customers prepare for interviews with us.

They have upcoming interviews for schools, case interviews for consultant positions, online interviews for getting an overseas job, and even interviews for promotion. Thus, they need intensive preparation and practice.

How do I prepare for an interview using Ringle?

First, our customers prepare for an interview by having their resumes and CVs checked by their tutors.

They upload the documents before the lessons and go over them with their tutors, using a shared screen. This allows the tutees to revise their resumes or CVs to accurately reflect their intention. Also, the editing process itself serves as a part of the interview preparation.

Next, they have mock interviews based on their resumes, and discuss expected questions in order to prepare themselves. Afterwards, their tutors provide them with corrections and feedback.

Some of our customers also work on a script in order to answer the expected interview questions.

They also ask their tutors how they would answer those questions. Our customers have commented that their tutors' answers were very useful in forming their own answers and writing the script.

Are Ringle tutors qualified to do interview coaching?

Our customers testify that they have received much help from their tutors when they were preparing for an interview. They also developed skills to express their ideas clearly in English.

Ringle tutors have attended top 20 universities in English-speaking countries and have job experiences including internships, but their experiences may not be on par with some of our customers.

However, they are extremely capable in determining their tutees’ main ideas and explaining how to express them in the best possible way.

Ringle tutors are specialized in debating and writing. They provide their students with honest and clear feedback on English usage and proper context, so that cultural misunderstandings are avoided during the interview.

What is the most efficient way to prepare for an English interview? How early should I start?

Our customers normally start preparing three weeks prior to the interview.

In the first week, they take 2-3 lessons to get used to expressing themselves in English. Then, they start making brief scripts to answer some of the expected questions. Their tutors help them with their interview scripts using the most appropriate expressions.

(These scripts are not long and wordy. Rather, they are concise and to the point.)

A week before the interview, many customers take lessons every day to simulate real interviews. They choose a different tutor each time, so that they're skilled in talking to any type of interviewer.

On the day before the interview, they book lessons in the morning and the evening for some last-minute preparation.

A successful interview isn't about reciting the answers you've memorized. Rather, it's about conveying your thoughts on the interviewer’s questions in a clear and concise manner, which demonstrates your abilities.

In order to do so, you need to get accustomed to communicating and expressing yourself in English. Ringle customers conduct mock interviews at short intervals in order to get used to an English-speaking environment.

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