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Can I get edits for my writing with Ringle?

About 10-15% of our customers get edits during their lessons, because they are preparing to study abroad or applying for a job position. They get help from Ringle tutors with their resumes, essays, CVs, SOPs, etc.

We have customers that get edits for their English emails, presentation scripts, and blog posts. Ringle tutors can proofread any kind of document in English while communicating with their tutees.

How do I edit my document with Ringle?

During Ringle's one-on-one video call lessons, you will have a Google Docs screen that you can share with your tutor. This allows you and your tutor to edit the document together.

You can also upload your documents before the lesson, and then go through them with your tutor.

How does Ringle stand out from other editing services?

Ringle has three major advantages when it comes to English editing.

  • 1) Ringle tutors are great editors and writers. They developed their writing skills at the most prestigious institutions through intensive debates and writing programs.

  • 2) They are able to understand contents of a given document, because they have studied in relevant fields.

  • 3) You can improve your writing skills during the editing process.

Most Ringle tutors have attended top universities and have a strong background in effective written communication. Even some students who are currently studying at American universities get help from our tutors. They will better shape your writings by using succinct and appropriate expressions.

Also, our customers working in multinational companies have commented that Ringle tutors have given them much help in editing their documents. Concise and accurate expressions are essential in business writing, and Ringle tutors can teach you the best way to write.

We have tutors with various majors, including Business, Economics, English Literature, Biology, etc. Ringle tutors can help you edit documents that require deeper level of understanding in the related subject.

For instance, medical doctors are matched with tutors with a biology major, developers with those with an engineering major, and company workers with those who have much experience in a working/business environment.

Lastly, by getting edits through one-on-one video call lessons, you can also learn how to write well.

In the beginning of the lesson, you will explain what you wrote to the tutor. Then, your tutor will tell you how it sounds to a native speaker and guide you through the proofreading process. You will receive explanations on why some parts have to be revised. This also works as a learning process for you to improve your writing skills.

In other words, editing at Ringle isn’t just focused on providing you with merely corrections. It helps shape your communication skills and improves your written English ability.

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