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Can I learn business English through Ringle?

Most of our customers are taking business English lessons with Ringle. They feel that it's important to express their ideas in a succinct manner. Our customers have commented that Ringle is the best platform to prepare for real business encounters, with its video call lessons and real-time correction system.

Plus, Ringle tutors are from the top 20 universities in the US and UK. 70% of our tutors have worked in multinational companies. Therefore, they are well-prepared to teach business English. They can correct mistakes and provide useful phrases to help you express yourself better.

How do I use Ringle to learn business English?

Our customers are learning business English using Ringle's system, using various resources.

1) Ringle's lesson materials on business cases

MBA tutors with 10+ years of work experience and an Ivy League tutor team compose Ringle's lesson materials.

Unlike the pre-existing business English textbooks, Ringle's lesson materials are not designed for memorizing dialogues and speech patterns.

Instead, they convey international issues and phenomena in a way that's relevant and relatable. The lesson materials are used to ask various questions, read graphs, have debates, and explain phenomena. The lessons focus on having discussions and getting corrections.

If you use Ringle's business case lesson materials, you can easily learn practical expressions and get the latest updates on current issues.

2) Your own study materials

If you want to use your own materials for your lesson, you can upload them prior to the lesson. In order to proofread your emails/reports/presentation scripts with your tutor, upload them before your lesson.

Then, select a tutor with a relevant work experience or degree. Explain in detail about the materials you've uploaded, have a conversation, and receive comments.

3) Audio-recording and script of the lesson

After your lesson, you will receive an audio-recording of your lesson and a transcription of the conversation by AI. You can read and listen to the lesson for review. Not only that, your tutor will provide you with written comments, which can be used at work right away.

Our customers have had excellent results by talking to tutors with relevant backgrounds, receiving real-time corrections, and reviewing the recordings and scripts.

Are Ringle tutors qualified to teach business English?

Yes, Ringle tutors are currently providing useful English lessons to our customers working in various industries. Over 50% of our customers work at multinational companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, P&G, and PwC and find our service satisfactory.

However, Ringle tutors may not have professional-level understanding of a specific industry or company. They may not be able to give corrections on jargons or contexts specifically related to the industry.

"However, Ringle tutors have attended top 20 universities in English-speaking countries, with strong writing and presentation skills. More than 70% of our tutors have worked in multinational companies and have taught business English. "

Ringle tutors provide detailed feedback from a native speaker's point of view, based on the materials (email, conference calls/presentation/report) uploaded by the customer.

Many of our customers have told us that it's hard to pick up on their own mistakes because their colleagues tend to avoid correcting them.

Therefore, our customers are satisfied with the detailed attention and feedback regarding nuance, context, and syntax, which our tutors provide.

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