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You can sound like a native speaker

Pronounce and intonate correctly for an effective communication
Q. Can I correct my pronunciation using Ringle lessons?
Sure thing! We understand pronunciations and intonations can be hard. It certainly takes a good tutor and lots of practice to sound like a native speaker.
Here’s how Ringle lessons can help you improve your pronunciations:
Ringle makes it easy for you to set the lesson preference to focus on pronunciation. Simply leave a lesson request like "Please correct my pronunciation after each time I speak”
Ringle offers 1,200+ lesson materials various topics including politics, and culture, so you can focus on perfecting pronunciations of sector-specific terminologies
Each tutor has a short introduction video so you can find the tutor who has the accent you’d like to emulate, be it a standard American accent or a British accent
"I only take Ringle lessons once a week but I already catch myself copying tutors' accents and intonations, which speaks to the size of the impact of these lessons, and makes me want to choose a tutor I want to emulate."
- Jungha


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