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Prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and more

Go beyond rote memorization to improve your fundamental English fluency
Q. Can I prepare for English proficiency tests with Ringle?
Absolutely! About 10-15% of our customers use Ringle to prepare for English proficiency exams such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and more.

Plenty of coaching services and learning materials for these exams exist, but most tend to harp on rote memorizations of vocabs and grammar rules.

This can be effective, but only to a certain degree. For example, our customers often find their score stagnate around 21-25 in TOEFL speaking and 3-5 in IELTS speaking before they started learning with Ringle.

At Ringle, we focus on improving fundamental fluency that can bring a better result on exams by making you a better speaker overall.
Here are different ways you can customize your Ringle lessons to prepare for English proficiency exams:
Come to your lesson with 4-5 speaking prompts and practice timed speaking with your tutor
You can also have a writing-focused lesson by bringing a script written on a prompt of your choice and have your tutor review them
Ringle tutors will provide real-time feedback on both technical errors and content improvement. Feel free to repeat the same prompt after receiving the feedback to drive home key corrections!
"My English definitely stepped up with Ringle. Ringle tutors pay attention to every details on my vocabulary, sentences, nuances, and pronunciation."
- Sunyoung, CHELEC CEO


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