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Get a head start on mastering English fluency

Go beyond classrooms for a real world exposure
Q. Can pre-college students in elementary, middle, or high school use Ringle?
Certainly! Some of our most dedicated users are these future leaders of the world, whose grades can range anywhere from elementary to high school.

These students may have learned English in a classroom, have attended English-speaking schools, or lived in English-speaking countries.

Ringle offers an environment where students can go beyond classrooms and have an engaging conversation with native speakers.
Here’s how you can make the most out of Ringle as a K-12 learner:
Upload essays, presentations, or any other learning materials from your classes to practice what you learned
Speak with a tutor attending your dream school and use the lesson to practice English speaking and to ask questions about their experience
Speak with a tutor pursuing a major you’re curious about or rocking the career you dreamed of to get an insider view of their world
"I didn't imagine that my son would get a chance to talk with a Harvard graduate. It's a rare opportunity, especially outside the U.S."
- Sangmin Hong, CEO of Nextrans


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