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Can pre-college students in elementary, middle, or high school use Ringle?

Some of our customers take lessons with their children, from 5th grade to high school students.

These students have attended English-medium kindergartens or lived in English-speaking environments, and so are accustomed to speaking with native speakers.

Their parents have told us that their children love learning with Ringle tutors, since the tutors have attended the children's dream schools or pursue their dream careers.

I'm a student. How can I make the best use of Ringle?

We recommend you to study in two ways: use Ringle-The New York Times partnership materials, or upload your own study materials.

1)Use Ringle-The New York Times partnership materials

Ringle's lesson materials, composed by MBA graduates with 10+ years of work experience and tutors from Ivy League schools, are suitable for the customers that are currently working. However, some customers gave us feedback saying that these materials may be too difficult for younger students or those with lower proficiency.

So Ringle partnered up with the New York Times to provide our customers with various articles on science, history, literature, society, psychology, etc.

The New York Times has various formats of study materials. They are also written in easier and concise sentences, which helps students to have interesting discussions.

2) Upload personal study materials

You can upload essays, presentation scripts, and reports from your classes before your lesson.

Then, you can select a tutor who shares your career or academic interests. Explain the uploaded material to your tutor, have discussion, and gain detailed feedback.

Ringle tutors have attended top 20 universities in the US/UK. Studying with them will not only improve your English skills but also help you become a critical thinker.

Was Ringle helpful for pre-college students?

Some of our student customers have utilized Ringle lessons in order to achieve their goals. And they had great results.

1) International High School

One of our customers was a middle school student who had never lived abroad. She used Ringle for about a year, aiming to get accepted to an international high school in Korea.

First, in order to get accustomed to a classroom environment in which only English is spoken, she wrote down her thoughts about the study topic before each lesson. She spoke to Ringle tutors with relevant backgrounds and received feedback.

After she got used to expressing her thoughts in English, she began preparing for the interviews.

Her tutor was from a top college in an English-speaking country, and was able to help her with organizing her thoughts and expressing them. They brainstormed together and structured answers to the expected questions, which was very helpful in her preparation process.

As a result, our customer was able to get accepted to a prestigious international high school without having lived overseas. Now she dreams of becoming a diplomat.

2) Studied abroad and Returned

One of our customers had spent 2 years in the United States before going back to Korea. Instead of continuing with his study in the US, our customer started to take lessons with Ringle.

Although the environment had changed drastically and he no longer spoke English on a daily basis, he was able to maintain high proficiency through Ringle.

While the instructors at the local tutoring centers had been away from their home countries for a long time and didn't know much about the changing trends in the US/UK cultures, the Ringle tutors could teach him the current issues, cultural context, and debates in their countries. This was possible because Ringle tutors teach remotely in the US/UK.

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