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If you're at
a Beginner/Intermediate Level

If you have been studying English
but aren't improving
and still feel uncomfortable
with speaking in English





How fluent should I be in order to make use of Ringle?

Over half of Ringle customers speak beginner or intermediate level English. They don't have much problem with reading, but feel uncomfortable when they speak or write in English.

Some customers have trouble forming a full sentence when they speak, so they simply list words. (They can read articles if they have a dictionary. But they have not had much practice in speaking, so verbal communication is a particular weakness for them.

Beginner/Intermediate level speakers are mainly worried about 3 things. 1) Talking to a native speaker for 20-40 minutes solely in English 2) Using lesson materials on specific issues, instead of simple conversational topics 3) Speaking to tutors from prestigeous universities who speak high-level English.

However, most gave positive feedback after a free 20-minute trial lesson.

"The time goes by pretty quickly. At first, I thought the tutor would mainly ask me questions and I'd have to speak by myself, but I actually had a decent conversation with my tutor. So I didn't feel too pressured."

"Ringle's lesson materials are on relevant and interesting topics, so it was easy and fun to talk about them. They also had visual/audio materials and discussion questions, so I could prepare for my lesson efficiently."

"Contrary to my expectation, my tutors from top universities like Harvard used easy vocabularies. I learned that it's more important to get to the point than using difficult words."

If you feel like your English isn't improving beyond a certain level, we recommend you to try Ringle's free trial lesson.

We believe that you'll be able to enhance your English by taking Ringle's online lessons in which you can talk to a native speaker and get corrections.

Did people at a beginner/intermediate level of English find Ringle effective?

The result of the program differed depending on the amount of time spent on studying, but many customers had great results.

For instance, we had a customer who prepared for an English interview with Ringle. He worked in a sales position in a Korean IT company for more than 10 years and had forgotten most of his English. But he had an exciting job opportunity come up, and was scheduled to interview at a multinational IT company.

He started rather last minute, about 2 weeks before the interview, and took a lesson every day. At first, he stammered and had a very limited range of vocabulary. He could not quite express what he wanted to say. However, after 3-4 lessons, he felt more comfortable with speaking in English and was able to express his thoughts using the words he knew.

During the last lesson before the interview, he still made grammatical mistakes and mispronounced some words, but he showed much improvement and could articulate his ideas. As a result, he got the position.

Now, his company funds him to take English lessons, so he regularly takes 6 Ringle lessons per month. He told us that he no longer feels awkward when communicating in English. Today, he can comfortably speak with his colleagues or friends in English.

Even if it's not for the interview, we believe that encountering a native speaker at regular basis allows you to overcome fear of speaking a foreign language and become familiar with an English-speaking environment. Once you've passed that phase, you'll be able to speak accurately and clearly.

Then how do beginners/intermediate speakers start with Ringle?

We recommend you to start by looking for a tutor that suits you. Most of our beginner/intermediate level customers prefer having regular lessons with a tutor they like, instead of meeting different tutors each time.

We provide detailed profiles our tutors, including their school, major, work experience, their tutees' reviews, and introduction videos. We recommend you to select 3-5 tutors.

When you schedule a lesson with your preferred tutor, you should use the same lesson material for 2-3 lessons so that you can absorb relevant expressions. This will boost your confidence as well.

You can also utilize your tutor's detailed feedback, audio-recording of the lesson, and AI analysis that will be given to you after each lesson. If you make the best use of these materials, we ensure you a great result.

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